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No multiple listing service system, such as MLSbest, would be complete without a search engine that is remarkable and something that has been refined by some of the greatest thinkers in the MLS design arena.

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GREAT Multiple Listing Service Search EngineOur lifestyle map system with access to the actual Multiple listing service for all of Southern California is going to consist of the same MLS data that you will find on the other parts of

That means every single listing that is for sale within the Boards of Realtors systems, in Southern California, will appear on the map above displaying the MLS.

If you are not seeing the map and if that is confusing you. Don’t let it. That means that the system you are using, the device – the iPad or iPhone, is not able to use FLASH.

A word if you aren’t seeing the map above!

FLASH is like a language that most smart phones, tablets, computers and laptops can use. However, in the case of an iPad, iPod, and iPhone – you won’t see it, unfortunately.

When you have a chance to sit down at your non iPad, iPhone or iPod device – check out this page and let me know what you think about the Lifestyle Home and real estate search. It’s quite a system and I’m glad it’s a part of the MLSbest website showing our clients the Multiple Listing Service!