Connor MacIvor multiple listing service paris911signcityIf you are hiring a realtor or real estate agent, make sure part of your conversation has to do when and how the photos are going to get taken and uploaded onto the MLS.

As you will see, some homes that are for sale only have one photo. Some of the homes listed on the Multiple Listing Service have no photos.

The sad thing is that some real estate agents, being too much in a hurry or failing to pre-plan, try to get the listing entered into the MLS way too fast, doing their sellers a huge disservice.

For a listing to be effective and marketed correctly – the real estate listing agent needs to understand the way in which the Multiple Listing Service Works.

The MLS feeds, by permissions only, to Syndication Websites. They don’t feed 100% of their listings, but of the ones they do, they need to be ready to be pulled and uploaded.

If the real estate agent has not pre-planned to take photos or hire a professional photographer, uploads a single listing photo or no listing photos, into the MLS (multiple listing service), your listing is going to not get the attention it deserves.

If your real estate agent uploads one or no photos into the MLS – it may be a few days to weeks before the real estate syndication websites make a second round to upload the “newly added” real estate listing photos.

During that time, your real estate listing is not getting the attention it deserves by the masses searching on the MLSbest website and on the “not so trustworthy” online channels with homes and real estate listings.

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